Photo of Mary Turner Thomson

Mary Turner Thomson in 2009

Mary Turner Thomson is an author, writer, speaker, trainer and motivated person.  She has faced adversity and come out smiling, having discovered the ability to change misfortune into opportunity.

Always positive, Mary walks her talk and uses the concept of Personal Responsibility to help herself and other people, to a better idea of themselves and therefore to a better life.

Mary has faced personal trauma on a grand scale, but rather than be destroyed by the experience, she has let it make her stronger and wiser, with the ability to help others overcome similar emotional and psychological abuse—through her writing, and in person.


“We cannot change our past, only use the experience (good or bad) to learn from and grow as individuals.  By converting our history into wisdom we can live happily in the present, and move powerfully forward into a bright new future.”

“The only thing you can really change in this world is yourself!”

“A definition of madness is continuing to the do the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.”

“The concept of ‘Personal Responsibility’, is realising that you have the ability to respond in any way you choose.  You just have to focus on where you are going, and choose the path you want to take.”